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Digital marketing is essential to businesses nowadays. It’s impossible to thrive and stay competitive in the current markets if brands are unwilling to invest in clever solutions. Here at David Fei, we provide world-class digital marketing solutions through a unique mix of execution.

Founded in 2019, our team leverages over 11700 hours of execution expertise to help brands make a long-lasting impact. We’re the all-around that can handle everything from planning and research to executing and management.

Because of our hard work and the quality of our services, David Fei has been ranked by Clutch as one of the game-changing social media marketing companies in Australia.

For those who don’t know, Clutch is a Washington DC-based reviews and ratings that encompasses different B2B industries across the globe. The site is known for its commitment to helping potential corporate clients connect with reliable service providers.

Our stellar ranking on Clutch was made possible by our incredible clients and their honest testimonials. We’re grateful to see them take the time out of their busy schedules to leave us their earnest feedback and ratings.

Thank you so much! We wouldn’t have climbed the ranks without the brilliant projects and partnerships they’ve entrusted us with. It’s only right that we highlight the incredible words they’ve said about our partnerships.

“We were impressed with their high-quality work, availability, and flexibility. Always on top of industry trends and latest innovations. What really impressed us was how David could increase the number of marketing and sales-qualified leads without sacrificing ROI. Their team struck the perfect balance between quantity and quality, which is no easy feat.” — Senior Growth Marketing Manager, SaaS Company

“David Fei has been the key driving force behind the significant ROI in both the financial aspect and perspective. Apart from that, we’ve seen an increase in traffic to our website, as well as a stark increase in leads coming into our business. 

I’m impressed with their digital marketing expertise. I’m confident in their ability and knowledge to implement sound strategies from the ground up. Without prior experience in our industry, they get what we’re trying to do and our challenges.” — Director of Legal Operations & Tech, Law Firm

Wondering what else we can do for brands? Don’t be a stranger and drop us a line so we can discuss your project.



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